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  Family Owned and Operated
Family owned and operated in the U.S.A! Two generations ready to meet any demand with decades of experience.


Do you make screws?

No, screws are typically made using a different process. We do make a wide variety of custom fasteners, bushings, connectors, and inserts, as well as many custom mechanical components.

What are your size limitations?

We can produce parts from 1/16 of an inch diameter to 2 1/4 inches diameter

Are prints and drawings always required?

A drawing is always preferred, but if one cannot be obtained, contact us and we will see what we can do.

In what file format can we accept drawings?

Any should be fine.

Do you do part design?

Occationally, It depends on the situation. If you need design work done please contact us and we will review the part.

Do you stock parts?

We do not stock screw machine parts for resale.

What materials do you utilize?

See the materials list HERE. If you don't see the material listed there give us a call we can usually conform to utilize any material.

What are the types of machining you perform?

We produce high-precision screw machine parts on a variety of equipment; see the list HERE.

What are your minimum quantity requirements?

Minimum quantity is 1000 pcs.

Do you do prototype work?

We do not do any prototype work at this time.

Are all parts volume sensitive?

Yes, every part must absorb an equal portion of its set-up costs. The complexity of the part and the number of parts ordered are key cost drivers.

How are our products shipped?

All our products are shipped UPS unless another carrer is requested.

What about outside processes?

We can provide heat treating and plating call for more details.

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